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GST Health Test Report is a one page report summarize your GST status and risk level, if any.

Historical details analysis and sorted database is stored in an EXCEL file.

"Secrets of your GST Health Test level is in your GAF files"

Especially when multiple GAF data files consolidated into a single database with quality analysis.

Analysis is from multiple perspective, based on actual GAF data, thus, quality insight and basis to ascertain client's GST health test level.

GST Health Test Report
GST Health Test Report

SAMPLE GST Health Test Report


From The Desk Of S.B. Lim
On 24 Nov 2016

Dear GST client,

GST Finding Report

Sample report below is an illustration of health test report and recommendation.


This 1 page report outlines the key findings (WHAT), root cause (WHY) and HOW MUCH is the financial impact (RM53K & RM51K) to the taxpayer




Problem Statement

  • LEAN RESOURCES - Similar to other SME,  GST & Accounting, and Admin, was under a single staff;


  • SOP - Record Keeping

--> No record keeping completeness checklist;

--> Staff turnover or different user thus no centralized database storage --> Complete retrieval within short notice, especailly to Custom, is an uphill task.

--> Enable GST database retrieval within 2 weeks from CUSTOM request date. Please read on Do You Know GST Duty To Keep Records


  • Control & Audit - No visiability  or audit tool to check ,GST return accuracy, such as GST Health Test Report


    • Management focus on business development and operation.
    • Responsiveness to process improvememt, such as Control & Audit, is compromise


The SOP and tools (marked in red) could turn into an opportunity  easily. Please read on !!

CONCLUSION - Problem Statement

The appropriate counter measures should considered risk factors below. Details Top 7 GST offences and Risk


  • Sooner an error was self detected and amended, the lower the penalty and GST Health Testfinancial impact to taxpayer


  • Conversely, the higher and significant financial impact to the taxpayer, if the errors was uncovered by Custom, says 7 years later.







Solution Discussion

Call S.B. Lim 019.9199149, or email to gstconsult@gstconsult.com.my, to explore how GST health test process could help you

Work scope , reasonable rate, and  GUARANTEE! Please read on



Job Agreed & GAF Files

  • Taxpayer generate  (or outsource to S.B. LIM & CO.) previous months GAF files form its accounting system; and
  • forward these files to gstconsult@gstconsult.com.my




  1. Database processing, generate GST details file, and GST health Test Report within 2 work days (#) from job date.
  2. GST Health Test Report Content
  • Summarize  audit findings and risk impact
  • Resolution recommendation and discussion 

# - GAF generated from SQL accounting systems

# - GAF files from NON-SQL accounting system, the first run will require additional days to aligned database format appropriately

The GST Health Test Story

Successful  Case

Based on a foreign based company GST database.

GST Health Test Report highlighted several arae for improvement (below); and Corrective Action Plan.

In Purchase Report

  • Import transaction but without import supporting document for input tax claim
  • Eligiable capital goods acquired but omitted input tax claim

In Supplies Report

  • Deemed supply omitted to account for output tax
  • Wrong tax code used in OS

In Ledger Report

  • Other income omitted to account for output tax
  • Wrong tax code used





EXCEL with Power Query & Power Pivot, has quantum lead data processing power. GST, a transaction based structure database, is ideal source processed by EXCEL at affordable rate.


GST tax code

To ensure right GST tax code used in every key entry process is always a challenges. Most SME has limited accounting staff. Audit or key entry "checker" roles is unavailable

Thus, automated audit tool function as "checker", quickly filter the errors. Thus, enable SME promptly correct its mistake.



My experiences and knowledge

A seasoned professional in commercial & public practice, and qualification with CIMA, MIA, CTIM, and GST licensed tax agent; 

Collectively contributed to development of this affordable tool, designed for GST taxpayer in SME sector.


 GST Health Test Report -BENEFITS

(1) GST Data Storage

1.1) Data Completeness - Every GAF file can load into a single dedicated database file for each entity.

1.2) Single source (file) complete data retrieval for Custom

1.3) Compliance to GST. Please read Do You Know GST Duty to Keep Records


(2) Analysis and Insight into Business Result

2.1) Analysis by accounts code. Revenue and expenditure growth

2.2) Analysis by GST tax code

2.3) Trend analysis Analysis by M / Q / Y


(3) GST Health Test Report and Risk assessment

3.1) Quantified Input Tax & Output Tax over / under claimed

3.2) Quantified number of transaction without adequate supporting

3.3) Quantified suppliers / customer without reference number

3.4) Quantified number of wrong GST tax codes used


(4) Documentation of Resolution Plan 

4.1) Check list and things to do to ratify previous errors

4.2) Preventive action steps to avoid future errors.

4.3) Progress update / subsequent schedule test


(5) Recognition Certification

5.1)  For Custom - Progress Report evidence GST return mistake was ratified ; Preventive steps , such as GST health test tools proactively filter future errorse

5.2)  For 3rd party - Progress report evidence entity had ratified its GST errors. as such, does not have contingent liability (Penalty, compound, etc. charge due to GST return errors) due to Custom.



First GST Audit & Certification Tools


GST Health Test Report Offer



Our Offer

 Generate GST Health Test Report in 2 days (#)

√  Price + GST = RM380 (#) 


  10% Discount - Net Price + GST = RM342 (#)


  BONUS 1 - Facilitate recovery plan implementation


  BONUS 2 - Two Free GST Health Test 


# Selected Accounting Program may generate different GAF database file format. As such, modification work is necessary to run the 1st GST Health Test Report.

The program modification work will require extra days.

Extra one off reasonable surcharge could be added, subject to clients acceptance.


GST Health Test Report

Is a

Money Back Guarantee Service.


Payment by customer upon order placement, is entitled to 100% Money Back Guarantee Refund.


The Money back Guarantee is valid after delivery of first GST Health Test service, up to the next two follow up GST Health Test (FOC).


So, if you sincerely feel I fell short in any way on delivering services I promised in this posts,  I be happy to give you a complete refund, even if it's on the last day of the second follow up GST Health Test Report.


To exercise Money Back Guarantee Refund, you just have to write an email to gstconsult@gstconsult.com.my, alone with your banking account details.


Payment will be remit to your banking account within a week from your request date.


Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee




“This SPECIAL OFFER is only good until 28 Feb 2017.

After which, the GST Health Test Service will return to its original price offer."


What Next ?

  • Call S.B. Lim 019.9199149, or


  • email your contact details and request to gstconsult@gstconsult.com.my, I am happy to discuss how GST health test process could help you



ADVICE - The New Path

While  my offer of GST Health Test Report is a "RISK FREE" offer,

You may feel uncertain, whether you should engage a new path in your 'GST process'

Perhaps the following check points help you in your decision making.


You struggle hard to ensure you have "Surplus Funding" to meet end need.

Work smart to secured multiple source of revenue to avoid "deficit funding"

Work, Life, and Spiritual Balance !!

Contingency Planning i.e. Emergency Fund, Annual Personal Health Check, etc.

Business Plan / Risk Management, such as GST Health Test Report

The Risk management aim to avoid GST Offences & Penalties (up to RM50K) and / or Imprisonment Term (up to 3 years)

Closing Reminder

(P S.)

  • This is a "Risk Free" offer; and
  • Successful enterprice have Business Contingency Plan --> such as ISO process / test. GST Health Test is another form of ISO test; and
  • The Offer Price count down end soon