GST fine – RM50K fine Compare a cost free self audit?

Welcome to our 5 minutes GST educational posts i.e. GST fine of RM50K, compare to a cost free self audit process.


This is an easy DIY self check process on your GST return.Download the self check file from link below

GST best practise - Self Audit List


Now, compare with if you do nothing, your upside risk is

a GST fine of RM50K, and / or 3 years imprisonment terms, and a penalty.


The cost to you is exercise your choice by, committed to the self check process diligently

Will you still commit to the self check process?

If you are still in doubt, it is understandable. Likes health care, our behavior consistent with the majority who thing health prevention activities is not a priority until a red flag is spotted.


Your benefits is mitigated the RM50K fine, provided your could proactively filtered genius mistake i.e.

  • Overstated input tax claimed
  • Understated output tax payable to Custom

Then, follow by immediate amendment of GST  original return and re-submit.


However, the above benefits can only be realized, if mistake reported is BEFORE Custom conduct a surprise audit.


If mistake reported AFTER Custom's audit, Custom could interpreted the errors as tax evasion,


GST fine under the tax evasion charge, is usually a much more serious offence, thus, heavy fine. You may refer to my last article about top 7 GST risk.


In short, the self check list, and an automated check tool, is the tool you need win this battle within a day.


All in, you could expect > 1000% Return of Investment by avoided a GST fine


The automated check tool / EXCEL file will be share soon. Please look up for the next post and the great offer.

As always, thank you for reading.

Please share your thought about the tools offered, and specify GST issue that you may need help with.

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