About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

我們做事情有點不同,這就是我們喜歡的方式 !



Our Team

S.B. Lim, a licensed Tax Agent & GST Agent, is the founder of S.B.LIM & CO., a licenced Chartered Accountants firm, dedicated in providing educational posts and services related to-

S.B. Lim,持牌的稅務代理及 GST 代理,是 S.B.LIM & CO.的創始人,一家特許會計師公司, 致力於提供稅務和會計教育,與有關的服務-


  • GST :-
    • Automated GAF Audit Tool & Health Test Report & Solutions ;GAF型審計工具 & 健康測試報告; 分析與解決方法;
    •  Audit Certification for Entity Deregistration /  Business Transfer ; 審核認證實體登出 & 營業轉讓;
    •  GST Tax Code, Accounting & Tax Handbook ;GST 代碼、會計及稅務手冊
    •  Software Solution (SQL), Coaching & Support.  軟體 (SQL),輔導與支援
  • TAX—Personal & Corporation 稅收—個人與公司
    • Risk Review & Solution - Home & Offshore Revenue & Asset ; 風險審查 & 解決方案; 家 & 離岸收入及資產;
    • Tax Handbook & Coaching 稅務手冊與輔導;
    • Tax Computation, Filling & Support ;稅收計算、 充填及支援;
    • Tax Audit and Risk Review & Solutions  稅務審計和風險審查與解決方法
    •  Withholding Tax, Transfer Pricing - E-Commerce ;預繳稅金,轉讓定價-電子商務
    •  Tax Incentive & RPGT 稅收激勵 & RPGT 
  • Accounting & MPERS; Management Accounting 會計 & MPERS;管理會計
    • Accounting Handbook & Coaching for MPERS compliance;會計手冊 & MPERS 法規遵從性
    • Inventory  - Audit & Control; Logistics & Solution Handbook; 庫存-審計與控制;物流與解決方案手冊
    • Debtor & Creditor - Contract & Tax Review; Risk Analysis & Solution ;債務人-合同 & 稅制檢討;風險分析及解決方案
    • Accounting Outsource 
  • General Management &Services 管理與服務
    • Freelance Financial Controller; 自由職業者財務總監
    • Fund Raising & SME loan 資金籌集及中小企業貸款
    • HR - Payroll Program (SQL) & HR Handbook 人力資源政策與手冊
    • EXCEL Business Process Analysis & Dashboard Report Design  - EXCEL 業務過程分析與儀表板報表設計 
  • GST Services & Products:-


Corporate Experiences


His extensive commercials experience including lead a post M&A implementation exercise, and

Lead an International Accounting Shared Services Unit aboard. His functional experiences includes



  • Financial Accounting and Operation SOP - Processing, recording, reporting, storage and process improvement.財務會計和操作 SOP-處理、 記錄、 報告、 存儲及工藝改進。


  • Management Information and Information Systems – Data integrity and access; business intelligence and data analysis; Insight and forecasting.管理資訊和資訊系統 — 資料完整性;商業智慧和資料分析, 洞察力和預測;
  • Statutory Reporting – Integrity of financial reports; statutory accounts and returns. 法定報告 — 完整的財務報告;法定的帳目和報表;


  • Performance Management – Strategy, Plans and KPI; cost, risk and project management; governance and internal audit. 績效管理 — 戰略、 計畫和 KPI; 成本,風險和專案管理;治理與內部稽核;


  • Other technical expertise – Tax, GST, Human Resources, and data analysis via EXCEL Power Pivot & Dashboard. 其他技術的專長 — 稅務, 消費稅, 人力資源和通過 EXCEL 功率樞紐和儀表板的資料分析。

Our Story 我們的故事

S. B. Lim (Lim Siong Beng) started his career as audit and tax assistant, in an auditing and tax firm three decades ago. S.B. Lim開始他的職業生涯為審計和稅務助理、 審計及稅務公司三十年前。


Since then, he progress from an assistant in the small audit firms, to the Senior Manager (cum Director), in several subsidiaries of a Global Express Service Provider, a US Fortune 500 companies, listed in NYSE. 從那時起,他進展從小型審計公司的一名助理向高級經理 (兼主任) 的財務、 會計、 幾個子公司的全球快遞服務提供者,美國財富 》 500 強的企業,在紐約證交所中列出


He continued his self study while working, and completed the professional examination. 他繼續工作時,他自學完成了專業考試。


He is 他是

  • an approved Practicing Accountant of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), 馬來西亞會計師協會 (MIA)的核准執業會計師,和
  • a licensed Tax Agent & GST Agent issued by Ministry of Finance, Malaysia; and 持牌稅務代理與 GST 代理,馬來西亞財務部;和
  • a Fellow Chartered Management Accountant (FCMA) of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountant (CIMA, UK),
  • a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) of CIMA and the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants of the American Institute of CPAs.; and 特許管理會計師(FCMA, CGMA) - 特許的管理會計師 (CIMA,英國)和國際協會認證的美國會計師公會的專業會計師; 和
  • an Associate Member of Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia.馬來西亞特許稅務研究所的成員