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GST Annual Certification Checklist – A best practice

Welcome to our GST educational posts -  GST annual certification checklist, A recommended practice, and SOP  for your GST processes. Just download from link below GST Annual Certification Check List   This single page GST annual certification check list, is a DIY tool. Just print and check against your existing GST SOP, to determine your GST red flag, if any.   The check list format outlines - Listed roles by function, example, HR, Purchasing, etc Individual department should ensure its
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GST fine – RM50K fine Compare a cost free self audit?

Welcome to our 5 minutes GST educational posts i.e. GST fine of RM50K, compare to a cost free self audit process.   This is an easy DIY self check process on your GST return.Download the self check file from link below GST best practise - Self Audit List   Now, compare with if you do nothing, your upside risk is a GST fine of RM50K, and / or 3 years imprisonment terms, and a penalty.   The cost to you is
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Top 7 GST OFFENCES and RISK – RM50K and..

Welcome to our 5 minutes GST educational posts i.e. the Top 7 GST Offences and Risks. Top 7 GST offences and its Penalties The 1st shocking facts is that incorrect GST return, taxpayer is subjected to a) A fine up to RM50,000; and  / or b) Imprisonment term up to 3 years; and c) Penalty up to one time (100%) of tax understated Incorrect return primarily refer to key entry errors and used of wrong tax code. Omission means incomplete data reported
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